/images/uploads/0000/0133/Laura-small.jpgLaura is the most gentle and caring surgical assistant around town. She has a calming demeanor that relieves anyone’s anxiety. After just one appointment with Laura you feel like you’ve been to the spa. The staff refers to her as “Lovely Laura”. Her technical skills, great smile and hand on your shoulder are appreciated by all our patients. She charts your progress, takes your x-rays, serves as your advocate and is with you start to finish. Laura is a local, when not at work she loves the beach and creating fun things to do with her two boys.

/images/uploads/0000/0067/christy_small.jpgChristy is our exceptionally trained Hygienist who comes from Oklahoma. She has had additional certifications to ensure our Periodontal Patients are provided with the best therapeutic interventions. Visits with Christy are like no other hygienist appointment. She has mastered a thorough yet gentle style of hygiene that keeps our patients healthy and coming back to us. She and her husband, one of the city’s finest firefighters, have a precious little girl and an adopted daughter from China.

/images/uploads/0000/0139/Tina-small.jpgTina is our insurance wizard. She has 25 years experience in the dental field. She is a capable patient advocate and ensures you get the insurance benefits you are entitled to receive. She’ll assist to help you understand any insurance document that you might have questions about. Tina has two beautiful children. Her son plays High School Lacrosse and her daughter is pursuing a career in Dental Hygiene, so we are all cheering her on. Tina is our Renaissance woman. She paints, dances, writes poetry, and shows up every day with a smile on her face. We love having her pleasant demeanor and great knowledge as part of our team.


/images/uploads/0000/0117/susan.jpgSusan is our Office Administrator, who believes with the right team you can accomplish anything. She feels her major accomplishment is pulling together this phenomenal group of people who provide your exceptional service and Dental Care. She is a retired Army Nurse. She thinks this is an exciting place to show up to everyday and see the difference made in patient’s lives.  Patients are so happy with Dr. Ross’ care that she feels great to be a part of the team. Photography is her passion and she loves documenting “slices of life” from her family and staff. Come see her photography throughout the office. Susan’s philosophy is that happiness is a decision. She believes a happy office benefits all.